chisiamo.jpgFor over 50 years in the textile field , ReB  has been supplying high-tech  systems assuring a  production optimization as well as a cost reduction. Our technical know-how has  been  enriched  by a steady co-operation with  leader companies engaged in the production of textile equipments and by an always  updated research which has enabled  us to offer  high-performance custom-made  solutions. The additional value of our systems is based on the complete integration among project, manufacture, assembly, starting , control and assistance. Our customers can therefore take  great advantage of facing an only partner, able to satisfy any  needs. ReB IMPIANTI is located in Castel Goffredo – Mantua- the International Hosiery town. Its  main premises span over a 2700-square metre  area  which hosts offices, electronic lab, electric workshop , mechanic workshop and  a store-house. A  600 sqm-wide satellite  company is specialized in metal laser-cutting.
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